About Us

Phantom animation was established in Shenzhen in 2018, mainly engaged in 2D and 3D animation production and film post-processing business. There are more than 170 animators and more than 100 post-processing human resources at home and abroad.

Mainly undertake the following business: 
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, role design and modeling 
Software: Moho, Harmony, Retas, Spine, Flash, AE, Maya.

Film and television post-processing: 
Wipe Weiya, dig the green screen, key the image and make up the image, as well as film and television special effects. 

Software: PhotoShop, Nuke, Houdini, Maya.

The company's original self-made works have two-dimensional animation: "Water Margin" and "Super-quasi-world"

Capacity: Two-dimensional animation 240 minutes/month, three-dimensional animation 60 minutes/month. Post-processing of film and television: 110 minutes/month